This Weekend’s Ventures!

  1. IncognitoCare:  Anonymous psychiatric care.
  2. CrossCampus:  Enhance 911 for campus security
  3.  Make it there and always be on time
  4. ClipboardCloud:  The clipboard of the future in the cloud
  5. Ottr: Easy way to make plans with friends
  6. EmpowerID:  Empowering international development practitioners to build on each others’ experiences 
  7. Senseii:  Globalize your education
  8.  Easy bid trackins for subcontractors
  9. MapTunes:  Putting music on the map
  10.  Easiest way to find and pay for parking
  11. Catodo:  Task based allowance
  12. Speacc:  Adding emotion to social media
  13. Whoizit:  Guess Who for facebook friends
  14. ActivePepper:  Faciltates finding sports partners
  15. VipKings:  Premium nightclub bookkeeping service
  16. MyGeode:  Location based task management
  17. League of Actions:  Microvolunteering gamified